covid-19 safety measures

As shelter in place regulations begin to lift across the country and we re-enter a post-COVID-19 world, our patients’ and staff members’ health and safety continue to be top of mind. We’d also like to be transparent about enhanced sanitation measures in the healthcare space in order to ease any concerns you may have about seeing your doctor.

Our clinic goes above and beyond when it comes to taking precautionary measures set by OSHA, the ADA, and the CDC to prevent spread of any infections including COVID-19.

Upon arrival...

  • We have mandatory pre-appointment COVID-19 screening with a precautionary questionnaire.
  • To minimize waiting in the patient lounge area, we ask the patients to wait in the car until their treatment room is ready and call ahead!
  • In addition to the contactless temperature check for every patient, our doctors and all employees will have their temperature checked before entering the office space.
  • The use of paperless forms will limit contact with patients, and the ability to pay using mobile or online.

In addition to the standard safety procedures that we will implement into the practice, SmileWell Dental has enforced new safety guidelines as necessary precautions against COVID-19. Enhanced safety measures include:

  • HEPA filters integrated in the HVAC system in the clinic which help reduce microbes, visible smokes and odors in the air. It also utilizes UV light and photocatalyst targets, creating an advanced oxidation process to continuously protect and purify the air and attack contaminants on the surfaces.
  • Reduced number of hourly appointments to prevent any spread of infections  
  • Use of high volume suction like dry shield during the treatment to help evacuate all the aerosols generated during the procedure.
  • Closed treatment rooms which help decrease the amount of aerosols in the non-treatment areas.
  • Use of Hypochlorous acid foggers after every appointment to disinfect the treatment rooms.
  • Regular disinfection of commonly touched surfaces like door knobs, restrooms.
  • Use of PPE (Personal protective equipment) which includes using double mask (N95 mask and surgical mask), gloves, face shield, isolation gowns for all the employees to prevent any chance of infections.  
  • State of the art sterilizers for all the instruments.

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