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Restore Damaged & Missing Teeth

Crowns & Bridges

If you have a damaged or missing tooth due to gum disease, oral injuries, or tooth decay, Dr. Reddy and the team at SmileWell Dental are here to help. With custom-fitted crowns to restore damaged teeth and dental bridges to replace missing teeth, you can get your smile back in as little as 2 appointments!

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Custom Fitted Restorations

Lab-Made Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped dental prostheses that are designed to cover up and protect damaged and decayed teeth. They cover up your remaining tooth structure all the way down to the gum line, which restores your smile and your bite, and prevents further complications. We work with skilled dental labs to create custom-fitted crowns that look and feel completely natural.

What To Expect

The Crown Placement Process

To begin, Dr. Reddy will need to trim your tooth. At your first appointment, she will clean and numb the treatment area, and drill away any damaged or decayed tooth material, reshaping the tooth into a stable platform for your crown. Once this process is complete, she will take impressions of your teeth and apply a temporary crown.

We will work with an outside dental lab to design and build your crown. You’ll come back to our office for your second appointment in about 2-3 weeks when your crown arrives. Then, Dr. Reddy will check its fit and make sure it looks perfect, and attach it to your tooth using dental cement.

Caring For Your Crown

After Placement

One of the benefits of dental crowns is that they do not require any special care. You can treat your crown just like a natural tooth, so you should care for it by brushing twice a day for two minutes, flossing once a day, and seeing Dr. Reddy for a regular checkup every six months.

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What To Expect

Dental Bridges Placement Process

The process of placing dental bridges is quite similar to the placement of a dental crown. At your first appointment, your mouth will be cleaned and numbed, and your abutment teeth will be trimmed by Dr. Reddy at SmileWell Dental. Then, she will take impressions of your teeth and send them to our partner dental lab, where your bridge will be made.

You’ll go home with two temporary crowns to protect your abutment teeth, and you’ll come back in 2-3 weeks when your permanent bridge arrives at our office. At this appointment, your temporary crowns will be removed. Dr. Reddy will check the fit of your bridge and make minor adjustments, if necessary, before bonding it permanently, completing the procedure.

Caring For Your Bridges

After Placement

You will need to brush your bridges just like you would clean your natural teeth. However, you will also need to use dental floss and an interdental brush to clean between the bridge and your gums to keep your mouth healthy. Dr. Reddy will provide you with comprehensive care instructions after your appointment.

Am I A Good Candidate

For A Dental Bridge?

If you need a longer-lasting alternative to a partial denture but want to avoid invasive dental implant surgery, dental bridges may be a great choice for you, particularly if you’re missing multiple adjacent teeth. Find out if you’re a candidate now by contacting SmileWell Dental at (512) 677-7411 to set up an appointment.

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