Restorative Dentistry In Round Rock

Repair Damaged & Decayed Teeth

Restorative Dentistry

At SmileWell Dental, Dr. Reddy specializes in restoring teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay, gum disease, oral injuries, and so much more. Whether you have a missing or damaged tooth, Dr. Reddy can provide you with the treatment you need to restore your smile and your bite. Learn more below, or contact us now for a restorative consultation.

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Treat Cavities

Composite Dental Fillings

We exclusively use composite dental fillings at our office. These fillings are tooth-colored, which maintains the natural beauty of your smile. In contrast, traditional metal-amalgam fillings are silver-gray in color, and can discolor the treated tooth. 

Composite fillings also require less preparation of your enamel and bond very tightly to your remaining tooth structure, making them the superior option for treating cavities. If you think you may have a cavity, get help from Dr. Reddy right away by calling us at (512) 677-7411 to prevent further complications.

Treat Infected Teeth

Anterior & Posterior Root Canal Therapy

We offer root canal therapy for both anterior (front) and posterior (rear) teeth. In this procedure, Dr. Reddy will create an opening in your tooth, clean out the infected and decayed material, then fill and seal the tooth to protect it from further damage. This is the best way to treat infected teeth, prevent further complications, and restore your smile.

Repair Damaged Teeth

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are made out of porcelain, and are designed to look just like your natural tooth. Before your crown can be placed, your tooth must be trimmed. After your tooth has been trimmed, we’ll work with a dental lab to create a custom-fitted crown that will restore the shape and function of your tooth. Your crown covers your remaining tooth structure all the way down to the gum line, protecting it from any further damage or decay.

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Restore Missing Teeth

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges use two dental crowns that attach to healthy “abutment teeth.” Between these crowns, a metal framework is used to suspend a false tooth or “pontic.” In some cases, multiple false teeth can be used to restore several adjacent missing teeth. Dental bridges look more natural than, and are a more permanent alternative to, partial dentures, but they don’t require oral surgery like dental implants do.

Get Your Smile Back

Full & Partial Dentures

Dr. Reddy can help you restore your smile after losing one or more teeth with full and partial dentures. Full dentures require the removal of any remaining healthy teeth before they can be fitted, so they’re best for patients who are already missing most or all of their teeth due to oral disease or trauma.

Partial dentures, on the other hand, attach to your remaining healthy teeth using metal clips, and allow you to restore one or more missing teeth, making them ideal if you are missing several teeth but your remaining teeth are strong and healthy.

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